What is a Hybrid Mattress?

You hear it all the time, stores claiming to have the “newest”, “most advanced”, or “best technology” in their mattresses. What does it all mean though? How much has mattress technology changed in the past 5, 10, or 15 years? The answer to the latter question is simply, A LOT. Sure, most innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses nowadays use some form of memory foam or latex on top of their mattress. Hybrids though, feature more comfort layers made of memory foam and/or latex foam than traditional mattresses. Let’s break down what makes a mattress a hybrid mattress and the different ways hybrid mattresses provide the best of both worlds.

Let’s start with the basics: simply put, a hybrid mattress contains both coils/springs and memory and/or latex foam. The coils provide the base and most of the support of the mattress while the foam layers supply the user with varying degrees of firmness based on your preference.

What makes hybrid mattresses so special? Mattress manufacturers have long been fighting the battle of making a mattress comfortable as well as cool enough to sleep through the night on. Hybrid mattresses address both of those concerns in one fell swoop. The top layers consist of memory and/or latex foams that provide the body contouring benefits that memory foam is famous for. While the bottom part of the mattress is traditionally pocketed coils that provide the support and motion isolation they are known for. When you combine these two factors you get the best of both worlds with the bonus aspect that the pocketed coils allow air to flow freely through the mattress allowing the user to sleep cooler than a traditional memory foam mattress.

Furthermore on the cooler sleep front, the newer hybrid mattresses usually utilize gel based memory foams that help control the user’s body temperature throughout the night. Most, including the ones at Far

Below Retail, also have built in ventilation in the outer layer of support foam to further increase air movement.
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